About SDM!

SDM! Mission Statement

Love, Learn, Laugh and DANCE!


What is SDM! all about?

Swing Dance Mania is just what the name implies, a dance event for people who are manic about swing dance where they can relax, socialize, dance, learn and have fun with like minded people, without the pressure of competitions. Its the best place to meet up and catch up with all your dance family!

SDM! is especially designed to maximize FUN in a relaxed social setting, which is why there are no competitions to worry about. A relaxed social setting is paramount to all that we do! Come, relax, learn, have fun, and DANCE!

SDM! is designed to be an opportunity for dancers to learn new skills in dances they already know, or to learn entirely new dances. At the very least it will allow dancers to be exposed to other dances, which can really get the creative juices flowing!

SDM! workshops are taught by the most creative instructors we could find, who care deeply about their craft. Their workshops are well thought out and designed to maximize the time you spend with them, taking your dance to the next level.