Lindy Hop Intensive Workshop

Jesse and Abi will introduce dancers to the grandfather of all swing dancing, the Lindy Hop. This track will be geared towards dancers with some experience in West Coast Swing or East Coast Swing. By the end, students should be familiar with 6 and 8 count patterns as well as styling elements to fit classic, big band music. Bring some comfortable shoes and be ready to move!

Intro to Lindy Hop

Starting off with a brief history of the Lindy Hop, along with a demo of where it all started.  We’ll introduce the dance with some 6 count patterns.

Swing Out!

The Lindy Hop basic pattern is called the Swing Out. This 8 count pattern is very similar to the West Coast whip except COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. We’ll be working on styling and introductory patterns.

Lindy Hop Styling

One of the key elements to Lindy Hop is follow’s swivels.  We’ll introduce this element as well as styling for the leads.  Combined with the previous 2 classes, we’ll really be into the swing of it!

Classic Lindy Moves

Building off the previous 3 hours, these patterns embody the look and feel of vintage swing dance. Once complete, you’ll be ready to hit the dance floor.